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Save Smarter,
Not Harder

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Meet Denise Long,

Founder + Owner of TMBG

I started in the same mindset you may be stuck in currently; confused, scared, lost, and overwhelmed.

I grew up with modest means in Tennessee and watched both of my parents struggle with money management skills over the years. With no role models to lean on, I ended up joining the army at 17 and struggled financially for over half of my deployment.

Waiting Room

Offered Programs

  • This 3-Month 1-on-1 coaching session is focused on reducing expenses a...
    1 hr
  • Schedule Your Kingdom Financial Call
    1 hr

Kingdom Wealth Coaching

The Ultimate Faith Challenge to Change Your Financial Life

My program centers around shifting poverty mindsets and setting up a foundation of budgeting that seamlessly works into your day-to-day life. When you sign up with Taylor Made By God, you will gain access to a personalized and customizable based teaching style that only has your benefit in mind.


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Follow me for more daily affirmations on faith and tips on sustaining a healthy financial life.

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